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I focus on injury prevention

and building strength to help

you perform your best.

Personal Training



Right now Rob is traveling to people’s homes in the Seattle area.

He sees clients in Ballard, Queen Anne, Magnolia, and Fremont.

He works out of the Pocock Rowing Center and Lake Washington Rowing Club. 

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I assign daily workouts via the TrueCoach App. The programs are individualized to the specific needs and goals of the client.

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These training sessions are done in-person or virtually.  I'm currently training in-person in the Seattle area.


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ROB AS A COACH:  I have been a full time trainer and strength coach since 2008.  I hold a B.S. in Kinesiology from the University of Maryland as well as a number of nationally recognized training certifications. 
I began my career working at a health club in Washington DC.  After moving to Seattle I reconnected with the rowing community.  In addition to training my clients I spend time working with masters and youth rowing programs.  
I am a Strength Coach at the Pocock Rowing Center and Lake Washington Rowing Club.  I enjoy working with people who are passionate about their sports.  It’s my goal to help you get stronger and perform better in whatever it is that you are pursuing.  

ROB AS AN ATHLETE:  My experience as an athlete began in earnest as a high school runner.  I ran cross country, indoor track, and outdoor track. Cross country instilled a love a trail running which I continue to pursue.  
I eventually found rowing at the University of Maryland.  Rowing exposed me to a whole new world of hard work and competition.  I loved it.  Eventually a back injury took me out of the sport and required that I undergo surgery. 
Since college I’ve tried a lot of different activities.  Road running, open water swimming, olympic distance triathlons, and canoeing to name a few.  I currently enjoy big days in the mountains running, skiing, and climbing.  You can also find me rowing on the waterways of Seattle.  When I’m not playing outside I enjoy cooking, traveling, and relaxing with friends.

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"Rob listened, observed, and helped me understand that, while goals were important, in fact, understanding what worked for me and that each day was a new one, was critical. It was clear that he assessed every client's individual circumstances and that he was dedicated to helping them help themselves.


Rob worked with me to build flexible options that could help no matter where I found myself waking up. He also encouraged me to try trail running. That was a game changer. Since then, I've run in places as far apart as Delhi, Melbourne or Wichita, I've lost over 120lbs and maintained my weight for the last three and a half years - and I feel ten years younger."

Andrew - UK

I’ve been a client of Rob’s for 3 years. He’s extremely knowledgeable in areas of mobility and injury prevention, creative in his workouts (I’m never bored!), and develops plans based on my goals. Rob has trained me through 2 of my 4 Ironman finishes and several other races. My time, speed, recovery, and endurance improvements can be attributed to his expertise. Under Rob’s guidance, I’ve remained injury free.

Marj - Los Angeles

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