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This 8 week program is designed to get you ready for your first day of turns.  It focuses on building leg strength and mobility to help your body prepare for the demands of skiing.

Registration Opens NOVEMBER 1st
Programs Start NOVEMBER 13th!

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The program consists of two strength workouts (45-60 min each) and two days of core/mobility sessions (20-30 min each) each week. There will be two optional endurance workouts each week.

ipad and iphone opened to SkiFit training program

 Workouts will be assigned and delivered via the Trainerize training app.  There, you'll be able to message with a coach (me!).

(Access to weights and gym equipment is helpful but not required.)

Rob Foreman
About Rob:

I've been coaching endurance athletes for the past 20 years.  In addition, I've worked as a full-time personal trainer for the last 15 years.  I'm an avid trail runner and climber and have raced distances from 5k to Ultramarathon.  I have a B.S. in Kinesiology from the University of Maryland.  


"I met Rob when working towards a 1000k running mileage goal for the summer, culminating in 40- and 50-mile ultramarathons. When we started working together, I was having achilles issues and had a history of sciatica/back pain that I was worried would flare up with such high mileage. Through our workouts, I was able to build the strength/mobility I needed to get rid of my achilles issues, stay injury and pain-free throughout the summer, AND increase my endurance and performance! Thanks to his workouts, I was able to achieve my running goals."

Steph M. - Philadelphia

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