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Rowing Strength - Online Strength Training Program

Rowing Strength - Online Strength Training Program


​​An 8 week program to improve rowing performance, designed to build strength for rowers and help you achieve your 2023 goals.  


This comprehensive program is designed to build strength to improve rowing performance.  It will focus on the technical aspects of the squat, dead lift, and complementary lifts. There is an emphasis on core strength to address common rowing injuries.  Exercise videos and detailed descriptions are included as part of the program.

Who is this for:

-Anyone who wants to be faster on the water

-Anyone who wants to strength train more consistently

-Athletes of all ages who have some experience strength training

-Anyone who is looking to add structure to their indoor training

-Anyone who wants to dial in their dead lift and squat


What you will learn:

-How time spent in the weight room transfers to speed on the water

-The technical nuances of the squat, dead lift, and other important lifts

-A variety of core exercises selected for rowers

-How to structure an effective strength training program

What you need:

-Access to a barbell and dumbbells

-Time for 2-3 workouts each week

-To be healthy - this program is not for folks who are struggling with an injury


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