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Training for Rowing - January 2021

How many times did you strength train last week? One time? How about last month? Three times maybe?

In a world of the head spinning news cycle and insurrections, building consistency in our workouts can be challenging. It is necessary for our bodies to adapt to training both on and off the water.

How can we create a consistent strength training routine? Incorporate training at least 2x per week with small increases in resistance (no more than 5% heavier per week). These small and consistent changes add up over time and will elicit a physiological response in your neuromuscular system to adapt and get stronger. This approach will yield results which will be motivating and help you become more…consistent. As you become stronger from week to week your confidence and abilities grow.

There are different ways to structure your program so you can work strength training in. Splitting up upper and lower body workouts into different days can help you reduce the amount of time you’re spending per day on your strength training. Some sample weeks can be seen below:

Monday: Run/upper body strength

Tuesday: Erg/lower body strength

Wednesday: Water practice

Thursday: Run/Core

Friday: Full body strength training routine

Monday: Run/lower body strength

Tuesday: Erg/upper body strength

Wednesday: Water practice

Thursday: Run/lower body strength

Friday: Erg/upper body strength

It takes energy, creativity, and discipline to consistently incorporate strength training into your routine. The results will speak for themselves.


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